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Fixed in 2017.1.0f3

Fixed in 5.4.X, 5.5.X, 5.6.X



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Android Build fails when the latest Android SDK Tools 25.3.1 version is used



How to reproduce:
1. Update Android SDK Tools to 25.3.1
- In Mac open Android Studio -> Check for updates and update Android Studio version (might be not necessary)
- In Android Studio -> Preferences -> Appearance & Behavior -> System Settings -> Android SDK -> SDK Tools
2. Create a new Unity project
3. Build and run on Android device
Result: Build fails "CommandInvokationFailure: Unable to list target platforms. Please make sure the android sdk path is correct. See the Console for more details. ..."

Reproducible: 5.5.2p2, 5.6.0b11, 2017.1.0a3

Note: I haven't been able to reproduce this issue on Windows machine. As after update via Android Studio, SDK Manager still doesn't see SDK Tools 25.3.1 version and uses 25.2.5

Workaround for the customers.

1) just open
2) scroll down to the bottom of that page
3) go to downloads
4) scroll down to the bottom of that page
5) find Windows "" download and unzip it
5) find MacOSX "" download and unzip it.
6) In the SDK path replace the tools folder.

Unity versions: 5.4.5p2, 5.5.3p3, 5.6.0p3, 2017.1.0b3
SDK Tools have to be updated to 26.x.x

Comments (171)

  1. AlCaTrAzzGames

    Jan 08, 2018 03:49

    can confirm this bug still exists in 2017.3.0f3, if you install the latest version of android studio

    fix here works: (watch from 50s)

  2. daraOke

    Jan 05, 2018 02:54

    I am getting a different error. The one where ':prepareUnityAdsLibrary' as a task already exists. Could not find a fix anywhere. Any ideas, please?

  3. OneLemon

    Jan 04, 2018 20:04

    Ok, what I found out is, if anyone is using any android plugins (In my case, stan's assets native android plugin), it may create's this error and/or the "unable to merge androidmanifest.xml" one.

    After trying different android SDKs and JDKs and it still doesn't work, try removing any android plugins and see if you still get this error. It worked for me.

    Good luck.

  4. OneLemon

    Jan 04, 2018 15:51

    This is broken again in 2017.3.0f3, was working fine in my previous verison of Unity 5.6.3

    Win10 x64

    -JDK 1.8.0_152
    -JDK 1.8.0_131

    Nothing is working, fix this, it's not acceptable.

  5. BloodyBeard

    Jan 02, 2018 10:15

    Still broken with 2017.2.0p2 and 2017.2.0f3
    win10(64bit), SDK platform tools 27.0.1 SDK tools 26.1.1, JDK 9.0.1

    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/xml/bind/annotation/XmlSchema
    Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: javax.xml.bind.annotation.XmlSchema
    at java.base/jdk.internal.loader.BuiltinClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
    at java.base/jdk.internal.loader.ClassLoaders$AppClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
    at java.base/java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
    ... 5 more


  6. bencuska

    Dec 30, 2017 00:38

    I got mine working with Unity 3.0.0f3 (64bit) , current sdk with android studio, the sdk hack the op wrote and i had to downgrade my jdk to 1.8.0_152 . Hope this helps (I've been struggling with this for a week now)

  7. gdwf

    Dec 29, 2017 16:18

    Broken in 2017.3.0f3 (win64)

  8. ejessop

    Dec 29, 2017 01:38

    This YouTube video helped fix this issue for me in Unity 2017.3. (Look at time 50s).

  9. catafest

    Dec 28, 2017 10:24

    same problem with Unity 2017.3.0f3 the external tools over androis studio sdk . This don't working with : and the errors I got:

  10. Lordgunny

    Dec 14, 2017 10:15

    For me this configuration works fine on Mac:
    Unity version: 2017.2.1f1 ( Maybe works on 2017.2.0f3 too )
    Android Studio: 9.0
    Java SDK: jdk1.8.0_151.jdk ( set the path on Unity preferences after installation )
    Java Tools: tools_r25.2.5 (replace the tools directory after installation of Android Studio )

    This are the relative links download for java

    Android Studio:

    Java tools:

    This are the paths on Unity preferences:
    SDK: /Users/YOUR_USER/Library/Android/sdk
    JDK: /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.8.0_151.jdk/Contents/Home

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