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New Editor versions don't get installed through Hub



How to reproduce:
1. Open Hub
2. Click Installs
3. Click Add
4. Select a version-> 'Next' -> 'Done'
5. Wait till installing done

Expected result: Selected version is installed
Actual result: Installing last for a long time and after it's done the version disappears or installing stops and the 'Failed to download EDITOR_VERSION .exe' error is occurring

Reproducible: 2.0.1 Hub version

Comments (81)

  1. 77043745672349635c1e0ed839e4dfd2?d=mm


    Jan 19, 2020 11:56

    Hello, impossible to install Unity 2019.2.18f1 on Catalina. I've got Unity Hub 2.2.2 and a new Mac ready to play with... But it's impossible... Please heeeeelp !!!

  2. 12e531a9ac1d2162ad9046f0e510be3c?d=mm


    Jan 17, 2020 20:31

    I have Hub 2.2.2 on 10.15.1 osx, trying to install 2019.2.18f1

  3. 701f221755ad439fd56694820926fbad?d=mm


    Jan 17, 2020 17:21

    Having same problem as RightBehindu. My solution is to go back to using Unity 2018.4.15f1 until they have this fixed.

  4. Aecdc57c8d28013497fa2ab3f4153dcd?d=mm


    Jan 14, 2020 20:56

    Currently still an issue in unity hub 2.2.2. attempted to install unity 2019.2.17f, downloads...installs...then disappears. This is really halting my development. Fix this ASAP.

  5. 18eecdfc96f01573c4feb9c09f3263aa?d=mm


    Jan 14, 2020 04:34

    Also having the same issue with Unity Hub 2.2.2 and Unity Ver.2018.4.15f1.

  6. 40c98463e4467d6faf5ad329fc1df889?d=mm


    Jan 13, 2020 16:51

    I'm having this also issue on macOS Mojave 10.14.6 and Unity Hub 2.2.2 :(

  7. E5ddd6294f01ce15b08d3e27d1a43c46?d=mm


    Jan 10, 2020 02:31

    I can confirm 2019.3.0f3 is not working either. It is stuck on "Installing..."

  8. B6e97a9745bb90be6059cf3437c5f3f7?d=mm


    Dec 25, 2019 02:26

    This seems to be a very serious issue. I'm on macOS Mojave (10.14.6) and Unity Hub 2.2.2, and I cannot:

    1.) Install any new version of Unity, or
    2.) Add any new project, at all

    I'm going to try Unity Hub on Windows as well to see if I have the same issue. Is there really no manual way to both 1.) Add a new project, and 2.) Manually download Unity?

  9. C7fad01b048852d8bb1ba9881ba49ec4?d=mm


    Dec 24, 2019 01:07

    I cannot install Unity 2018.4.11 or 2019.2.17 on my Mac:
    10.15.1 Catalina
    Unity Hub 2.2.2

  10. C7fad01b048852d8bb1ba9881ba49ec4?d=mm


    Dec 23, 2019 19:59

    Very annoying! Cannot Upgrade unity!!
    Having this issue on my mac on OS X Catalina
    Please fix this or provide a workaround!

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