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New Editor versions don't get installed through Hub



How to reproduce:
1. Open Hub
2. Click Installs
3. Click Add
4. Select a version-> 'Next' -> 'Done'
5. Wait till installing done

Expected result: Selected version is installed
Actual result: Installing last for a long time and after it's done the version disappears or installing stops and the 'Failed to download EDITOR_VERSION .exe' error is occurring

Reproducible: 2.0.1 Hub version

Comments (84)

  1. WilyC

    Aug 30, 2019 20:15

    Same problem here - MacOS. No matter how many times I install a new version it downloads and then just disappears.

  2. Sika_MC

    Aug 22, 2019 07:24

    also reproducible with 2.1.0

  3. Zbakvinster

    Jun 21, 2019 07:27

    I had same problem and there is FIX, that helped me:

    1. Click the Installs tab.
    2. Click the Gear icon.
    3. In the Editor Folder Location dialog box, enter the new installation location and click Done.

    Link that helped me:

    In link is said that default install location is "C:\Program Files\Unity\Hub\Editor". But my text input "Edit Folder Location" was empty. I gues the problem is that I didn't install Unity Hub into default folder (I choose diferend, by me specified).

    Once you specify where editors should by installed, everything should be ok.

  4. jeremy_zynga

    Jun 11, 2019 14:16

    We just saw this in OSX, the exact same issue except there was no error at the end, the version just disappears from the Hub. We checked the Hub's unity install folder and nothing was there.

    After 3 failed tries we gave up and did a normal Unity install, then used the 'Locate' option to add that version to the Hub.

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