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New Editor versions don't get installed through Hub



How to reproduce:
1. Open Hub
2. Click Installs
3. Click Add
4. Select a version-> 'Next' -> 'Done'
5. Wait till installing done

Expected result: Selected version is installed
Actual result: Installing last for a long time and after it's done the version disappears or installing stops and the 'Failed to download EDITOR_VERSION .exe' error is occurring

Reproducible: 2.0.1 Hub version

Comments (84)

  1. E-nd-E-Entertainment

    Dec 25, 2019 02:26

    This seems to be a very serious issue. I'm on macOS Mojave (10.14.6) and Unity Hub 2.2.2, and I cannot:

    1.) Install any new version of Unity, or
    2.) Add any new project, at all

    I'm going to try Unity Hub on Windows as well to see if I have the same issue. Is there really no manual way to both 1.) Add a new project, and 2.) Manually download Unity?

  2. BjoernS

    Dec 24, 2019 01:07

    I cannot install Unity 2018.4.11 or 2019.2.17 on my Mac:
    10.15.1 Catalina
    Unity Hub 2.2.2

  3. BjoernS

    Dec 23, 2019 19:59

    Very annoying! Cannot Upgrade unity!!
    Having this issue on my mac on OS X Catalina
    Please fix this or provide a workaround!

  4. DarkryCZ

    Dec 21, 2019 20:05

    Yeah, I can confirm myself that I can't download new versions, nor install them. Since I can't get a new version without a Hub now, I am forced to use still my nearly 2 years old version.
    Please give this a check ASAP :)

  5. adreamvoyager_unity

    Nov 09, 2019 14:16

    @ZBAKVINSTER It sounds like you are referencing a separate issue. I also had an issue with the default install directory, however I have fixed this issue. I have about 10gb on my C drive and 100GB on my D drive, where I am installing unity. Hub acts like it is installing a new version of Unity, and when the installation finishes, pop, the install card vanishes. I checked the install directory, and I can confirm that Unity didn't install.

  6. AxeKnight

    Nov 06, 2019 10:09

    Still happening in unity hub 2.1.3

    even trying to manually add the location like the above posts and I save if I reopen it is gone again no path...

  7. sayflibya1

    Sep 30, 2019 21:15

    Thanks for (ZBAKVINSTER) for his comment, you have fixed my problem.
    the solution is simply to change the unity editor folder as he said

  8. Hotcakes

    Sep 09, 2019 16:37

    Having this problem on macOS in 2.1.0

  9. ejmx

    Sep 05, 2019 19:27

    Update to my comment yesterday. We replaced the switch on our network and were then able to download the editor via the hub. We have been able to download other software and use the internet generally using the previous switch but it appears the Unity Hub 2.0 is very sensitive to network fluctuations. (We didn't have any issues with Unity Hub 1.6).

  10. ejmx

    Sep 04, 2019 20:50

    Same problem, Unity Hub 2.1.0. I therefore installed an editor through the archive link but have been unable to add the Android SDK and NDK modules. As it's a new computer I now have no functioning Unity editor so would appreciate a fix or work around please.

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