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CMD+A does not select text but repeats some of the actions made recently



To reproduce:
1. Open any project that contains a script
2. Double click on a script so it opens in MonoDevelop
3. Press CMD+A
4. Notice, that all text was selected
5. Click Build -> Build All
6. Wait for the project to be built
7. Press CMD+A again
8. Notice that it does not select all text but instead builds the project
9. Click Run -> New Breakpoint -> OK
10. Press CMD+A
11. Notice that it adds/removes breakpoints from the line where the cursor is.

Comments (42)

  1. 477c718bdb0a90543c725c90671e9741?d=mm


    Oct 30, 2014 01:45

    Says this is resolved, is there an update that fixes this? CMD + A always minimizes for me. How is this still broken??

  2. B61cf565a9787baa3cb62b42d5500e6a?d=mm


    Oct 08, 2014 12:36

    I really hate this issue and also I have it in 4.5.4f1

  3. 12726ada94cb1b9e4364da5f4c932342?d=mm


    Oct 06, 2014 23:56

    This issue absolutely drives me bonkers. And even if it *were* fixed in 4.6, our Unity account rep recommended that we don't use beta software while we are in live production of a Nickelodeon app. 4.5.4f1 should have a fix for this nasty issue.

  4. Bf18cae4cd029179161014bfa6b2e152?d=mm


    Oct 01, 2014 11:52

    Addendum: This is NOT fixed in 4.6 b20, it's fine when you first open MonoDevelop but it starts happening after you do things.

  5. Bf18cae4cd029179161014bfa6b2e152?d=mm


    Oct 01, 2014 11:25

    This is fixed in Unity 4.6 b20 (or below?) First thing I tried when I installed it. :D

  6. Bf18cae4cd029179161014bfa6b2e152?d=mm


    Sep 10, 2014 13:06

    Are we seriously still waiting on this? It's been almost a year since it was reported.

  7. Ec24a365cf92576022caf7906f9140e2?d=mm


    Sep 07, 2014 07:54

    Tapdancing? Elevated to DUBSTEP!

  8. F554d5d7c36304d4d53bbb72d8927c97?d=mm


    Aug 26, 2014 16:54

    Jesus Tapdancing Christ on a Cracker, Monodevelop is a piece of SHIT!

  9. D2a2000d14fc548518bbf120725917a0?d=mm


    Aug 19, 2014 22:25

    Not fixed in 4.5.3. In my case, MonoDevelop starts building the project instead of Select All.

  10. 94e00731c89a215261c291853c78923f?d=mm


    Aug 11, 2014 05:29

    Doesn't happen to me always, but still often enough to be annoying. Restarting Mono Develop "fixes" it, until it happens again..

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