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Bold font .ttf file is not detected properly for certain fonts




Priority: 3Not yet prioritized for a release


Severity: 0Severity not yet defined

How to reproduce:

1. Open attached project
2. Open scene Scene.unity
3. Try switching between Normal and Bold font style on gameobject Main Camera/Canvas/Bold
- Note how the font only gets wider, but not properly bold
4. Import attached Bold version of the font
5. Try switching between Normal and Bold styles again
- Note how it still only gets wider, even though the Bold version of the font is present
- A possible workaround is to use the Bold version of the font directly, rather than through Font Style

Comments (33)

  1. E3b74b5878507229c73537c4ed8c24d5?d=mm


    Apr 17, 2017 19:32

    5.6 - Not fixed (for mobile devices, desktop works fine)

  2. 06c6b1f361735d56e61bfac7c655161f?d=mm


    Apr 06, 2017 22:00

    5.5.2f1 : not fixed

  3. Bb98e4392990b3490a59e3dcb047f75a?d=mm


    Nov 30, 2016 05:15

    not fixed

  4. Fe38d59e240fff0ad5aa7dcca1bb7f8d?d=mm


    Sep 20, 2016 07:10

    issue resloved for iOS builds, but for android issue still persists in Unity 5.4.1 version

  5. E31526a4ba5b22d813ceb4df484245f2?d=mm


    Jun 30, 2016 12:36

    I retract my previous statement. Apparently reimporting the fonts does fix the issue. This was mentioned below in this thread, but I had overlooked it; my bad.

    For all those wondering: even just clicking an imported font will apply the fix, even without you changing anything. You will notice that when you click away, it will ask you to apply changes, even if you didn't change anything.

  6. E31526a4ba5b22d813ceb4df484245f2?d=mm


    Jun 27, 2016 15:50

    The issue still exists for me on 5.3.1f. It happens (as far I can tell) on all OSX devices and all Windows versions newer than Windows 7. It happens both in the editor and in standalone builds.

    Please reopen this issue and give some priority to fixing it. It is currently making our project's UI look quite unsightly for no good reason.

  7. E8b3f71cabc9268ef804433c35640386?d=mm

    u i

    May 13, 2016 14:02

    5.2.1f1 bug is not fixed.

  8. E8b3f71cabc9268ef804433c35640386?d=mm

    u i

    May 13, 2016 14:02

    5.2.1f1 bug is not fixed.

  9. 104e7a27c612efac575ba55db7ae50cf?d=mm


    Mar 10, 2016 22:03

    Issue is still present in 5.3.2f1 on Windows 10 (is working correctly on OS X 10.11).

  10. 70ee9c5c4f649e99d7d76389b79be894?d=mm


    Mar 04, 2016 15:04

    I am still seeing this problem in 5.3.2p4.

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