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Bold font .ttf file is not detected properly for certain fonts




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How to reproduce:

1. Open attached project
2. Open scene Scene.unity
3. Try switching between Normal and Bold font style on gameobject Main Camera/Canvas/Bold
- Note how the font only gets wider, but not properly bold
4. Import attached Bold version of the font
5. Try switching between Normal and Bold styles again
- Note how it still only gets wider, even though the Bold version of the font is present
- A possible workaround is to use the Bold version of the font directly, rather than through Font Style

Comments (33)

  1. A1478a3f7c3431b13a6b33a23ae278a3?d=mm


    Sep 24, 2015 20:46

    Same here, only bold is working for my font, but bold italic is no longer being detected.

  2. 3f57b68dad165063b20e8736047ac856?d=mm


    Sep 09, 2015 01:35

    Yep, this broke bold and italic font styles in my current project in 5.2, where everything was fine in 5.1. Re-importing the fonts doesn't help, and I can't just use the bold or italic variants directly, since we use rich text tags everywhere and give the player a choice of typefaces.

  3. 1a64c1769180e2b3c1761411a9c07cbf?d=mm


    Sep 08, 2015 14:37

    Same here. Issue appeared after updating to 5.2.0f3. Worked fine in 5.1.3p2.
    Easy reproducible after compiling android project and running on actual device.

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