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Fixed in 2018.4.1f1

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Terrain paint functionality is disabled in second Inspector when you close initial Inspector



How to reproduce:
1. Create a new project
2. Create a Terrain (right-click in the Hierarchy tab -> 3D object -> Terrain)
3. Add one more Inspector tab (right-click on any tab -> Add Tab -> Inspector)
4. Notice that one inspector window has the Terrain Inspector disabled under the message "Inspector tab is a duplicate. Paint functionality disabled"
5. Close the functional inspector

Expected result: Terrain paint functionality is working
Actual result: Terrain paint functionality is disabled

Reproducible: 2018.3.0b7, 2018.3.3f1, 2019.1.0a14, 2019.2.0a1
Not reproducible: 2017.4.18f1, 2018.3.0b6, 2019.1.0a7 (terrain is editable with both inspectors)

- Terrain paint functionality is disabled, even when deleting or creating a new terrain

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    Resolution Note (fix version 2018.4.1f1):

    The terrain may be deselected in the Hierarchy and then re-select for the new Inspector to be active.

    Fixed in 2019.2.0a11
    Backported to: 2018.4.1f1, 2019.1.2f1

Comments (23)

  1. 461cec8eabb92a35d16054e951ff7016?d=mm


    Dec 21, 2019 00:36

    Just upgraded from Unity 2018.2.20f1 to 2019.2.17f1 (64 bit) in hopes to use the new features. I see they fixed the latency that was caused by the new prefab system back in the 2018.3 series, which is why I've been waiting so long.

    However, all my terrains, even brand new blank terrains are un-editable. Stating the message "NOTE: Inspector tab is a duplicate. Paint functionality disabled."

    So no, this bug is definitely not fixed.

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  5. 049eb89d3e8ff8f72d558df52dbb0872?d=mm


    Jul 23, 2019 16:33

    2019.1.1f1 is definitely not fixed. I can't continue until it is.

  6. 1b607a31fa074877ec1ab0a63d755d50?d=mm


    Jun 29, 2019 02:28

    I just encountered this bug in 2018.4.1f1, 2018.4.2f1, and 2018.4.3f1.
    This is NOT fixed!!!

  7. 6e58eaf8432ee22b9e2fef2457f75e2e?d=mm


    Jun 25, 2019 18:01

    I found this in a thread talking about the issue, this is the creator of vegetation studio's response.

    "Hi. I had a look at this. Unity added some internal test that did not validate the inspector as "itself" when extended with reflection.

    I will make a workaround and update. For now delete the ExtendedTerrainEditor.cs file and things should work."

    This is the thread:

  8. 07a69ad3de9e66ccad9841e030118f08?d=mm


    Jun 04, 2019 21:37

    This has not been fixed in version 2018.4.1

  9. E3c0bae3c4f9f8bb8a5125646288baef?d=mm


    May 21, 2019 13:59

    I had this issue also, but it is absolutly no problem, just update Vegetation studio and after that update the Unity Package, mostly the Jobsystem. (read the console)
    This is a normal Issue, Unity is highend software and has ridicolously cool features this brings the need of maintenance with it. solving this problem takes 2 minutes!

  10. 325d0311837653b25534c6d5034e7db8?d=mm


    May 16, 2019 11:49

    What I found that works for me in build 2018.3.11f1 is to select a different layout in the top right corner of the Editor and then to go back to my preferred layout.
    a) Save your current layout as you prefer it.
    b) Select one of the default layouts example 2 by 3 or 4 split.
    c) Select your saved layout again and the Terrain paint tool is available again.

    In the future we just have to repeat step b and c, which is just 2 clicks but still a pain that we have to use solutions like this and a fix would be appreciated in 2018 builds.

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