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[2D] Screen position out of view frustum errors

Scene/Game View


Open scene Game in attached project. Reimport all assets in the Project and notice 8 errors about "Screen position out of view frustum" (seem to come from Handles-related code).

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  1. 5b0b9f77380ff95371c8fd4e4d374f7b?d=mm


    Nov 24, 2015 23:31

    Still persist in 5.2.3f1:

  2. Eeb6f17f3fd588735bc4c2ef884a0811?d=mm

    Gary Pallett

    Nov 23, 2015 19:48

    This issue is still present in 5.2.2f1.

    1) Selecting the Scene tab as default, closing Unity and re-opening the project causes the issue to re-occur.
    2) Selecting the Game tab as default, closing Unity and re-opening the project, it doesn't occur then at all.

    So it appears to be a startup issue when the Game tab is default.

  3. 817e4f6401f3a3d7b938e57887ecd341?d=mm


    Nov 22, 2015 13:07

    5.2.3f1 still has it.

  4. 66abfc1a426a97a0ddd47dac00855e4a?d=mm


    Nov 13, 2015 14:18

    I confirm this is still happening in 5.2.2f1. It does not affect the usage of Unity, or the execution/compilation of any created project. Its more of an annoyance than anything.

  5. 762737db21073cc8a6d0f5a0b6c1a614?d=mm

    Nov 10, 2015 14:18

    it's not fixed in 5.2.2f1

  6. 7c742964d47cec3ab1e95705dd804017?d=mm


    Nov 10, 2015 13:33

    We are confronted with this bug, too. Using Unity 5.2.2f1.

  7. 71189469133a8a4af8ad455d8363d328?d=mm


    Nov 02, 2015 13:23

    NO Fixed in Unity 5.2.2

  8. 0e182adb5c14f5bcb7694ad8a498565f?d=mm


    Oct 28, 2015 19:10

    Still get the same error in 5.2.2f1. Issue not yet resolved.

  9. F20c8b0c25e99bdd733446caa3123e58?d=mm


    Oct 26, 2015 04:13

    Just started happening to me for the first time, once I migrated from 4.6 to 5.2.2f1.

    "Screen position out of view frustum (screen pos 0.000000, 0.000000, 1000.000000) (Camera rect 0 0 0 0)

  10. 53aee60683b1af13943c27347cf03c3f?d=mm


    Oct 25, 2015 13:18

    Not fixed.

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