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[GrabPass] Matrial with GrabPass shader renders much brighter on OpenGL in Linear



Materials using a shader with GrabPass appear much brighter in the game view in GLCore, Linear color space, in forward or legacy vertex lit rendering path.

1. Open Scene1 from attached project
2. Press Play
3. Observe how effects render brighter (incorrect) in the game view than in the scene view.

Expected outcome: effect to not appear brighter in game view

- not a regression, happens in 5.3.0f4 as well as Version 5.3.3f1 (a6501c8a56f3)
- issue present in Forward or Legacy Vertex rendering path.
- issue present only in linear color space
- issue present only in GLCore and Metal.
- possibly linked to 774216

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  6. webngfx

    Jan 21, 2024 14:41

    This issue with excessively bright rendering in GLCore, Linear color space during gameplay is observed in Scene1. Noted in versions 5.3.0f4 and 5.3.3f1, affects both Forward and Legacy Vertex paths, exclusively in GLCore and Metal, potentially related to bug 774216.

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  8. fypproject990

    Jan 18, 2024 06:18

    The issue described involves materials with GrabPass appearing overly bright in the game view ( House) in Unity's GLCore and Metal rendering paths when in linear color space. It's not a regression and has been present in multiple Unity versions.

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