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[Android] [Entities] Build fails with the error “Asset has disappeared while building player to 'globalgamemanagers.assets' - path '', instancedID '-xxxxxx'“ when building



Reproduction steps:
1. Open the attached project "ReproProj" with the Android Platform
2. Open the “/Assets/_Scenes/Game.unity” Scene
3. Press Build in File > Build Settings
4. Repeat step 3 for 6 times

Expected result: Build succeeds all 6 times
Actual result: At some point build fails and the error “Asset has disappeared while building player to 'globalgamemanagers.assets' - path '', instancedID '-xxxxxx'“ appears in the Console window

Reproducible with: 1.0.10 (2022.3.4f1), 1.0.11 (2022.3.4f1)

Testing environment: Windows 10 Enterprise 21H2

- Might be reproducible with Windows Standalone Platform
- Most of the time it takes more than 6 times to reproduce the issue. It reproduces at random moments
- After getting the error it usually takes another attempt to build successfully
- It will reproduce more often after changing reference at prefab and triggering baking at dots project or compiling code than building the Player

Comments (22)

  1. StefanWo

    Mar 28, 2024 07:36

    The problem exists now around 2 years, after 1 year we finally someone was able to create an easy reproducable project for you.

    Can we have an update what the problem is and if there is a chance for a fix, or at least a way to reduce or workaround the issue?

  2. BenIVRE

    Mar 25, 2024 15:26

    We were seeing this issue on our build machines for MacOS and Android builds. The only ones that worked were Windows and iOS. iOS runs on the same build agent as MacOS, and all the Android ones run on the same agent as Windows. It seemed to be the same asset that goes missing on all builds.

    I opened this prefab and forced a resave of the asset. As we'd updated the version of Unity, there were some meta changes to the file that needed to be committed to source control. After that, the builds all completed as expected.

  3. vharutyunyan

    Mar 22, 2024 16:59

    A possible workaround is doing a "Clean Build".

    I am getting this on an M1 Mac during Android builds.

    Clean Build is accessible through the arrow next to the Build Button.

  4. StefanWo

    Feb 26, 2024 01:26

    Are there any updates on this issue? It really kills a lot of productivity repetitive recompiling, and restarting unity for several hours till get a successful build...

    Unity 2022.3.20f1 Windows Standalone build

  5. Davidnovarro

    Feb 22, 2024 12:17

    Every third build I have to completely shut down the unity and open again. This is ridiculous.

  6. novaVision

    Feb 15, 2024 05:26

    Always happens on 2022.3.15 after building the addressables. Each time after that I need to restart Unity Editor

  7. jivalenzuela

    Jan 29, 2024 03:01

    Thanks for all the reports folks. I think I have a repro and a handle on what's going on. Please stay posted.

  8. pavel_luden

    Jan 24, 2024 09:18

    I turned off "parallel import"
    editor -> project settings -> editor -> parallel import
    it helped in my case

  9. ThisIsNotMyName123

    Jan 10, 2024 16:37

    Unity 2022.3.16's known issues list says:
    "DOTS: [Android] [Entities] Build fails with the error “Asset has disappeared while building player to 'globalgamemanagers.assets' - path '', instancedID '-xxxxxx'“ when building (UUM-41830)"

    I want to highlight that this happens even without DOTS. We also get this error while building but we are not using DOTS at all.

  10. seobyeongky

    Jan 07, 2024 15:16

    Same here On 2022.3.14f1. Build fail sometimes, and next build works ok. But our build process took about 1 hour and 30 minutes, so I would happy if this issue will be resolved.

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