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[Xcode 9][iOS] Warning "Missing Marketing Icon" is thrown when uploading an app to iTunes connect




Priority: 3Not yet prioritized for a release


Severity: 3Workaround is possible

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create an empty project
2. Build to iOS & open in Xcode
3. Set up the project for uploading to iTunes Connect (Display name, bundle identifier, Capabilities etc.)
4. In top menu, click Product->Archive
5. Once building is done, click "Upload to App Store..."
6. Follow through the upload wizard with default steps

Result: Warning "Missing Marketing Icon - iOS Apps must include a 1024x1024px Marketing Icon in PNG format. Apps that do not include the Marketing Icon cannot be submitted for App Review or Beta App Review." is thrown.

Note: There is no 1024x1024 Marketing icon in Unity's Player Settings.

1. Under the project in Xcode navigate to "Unity-iPhone -> Images.xcassets->AppIcon"
2. Scroll to the bottom
3. Add a 1024x1024 icon
4. Proceed with reproduction steps 4-6

Comments (22)

  1. D1738665e6a05b68159d278c89807267?d=mm


    Oct 17, 2017 14:21

    In Unity 2017.1.2f I have a slot but don't know how to load this only icon? It's disabled but if I choose "Override for iOS" - all others reset. Any instructions to it?

  2. 5d9e61c1cbd4bcf889b70556390ebae4?d=mm


    Oct 13, 2017 11:05

    @Unity, what date will this be fixed please?

  3. 79219f6143a341b0e4115d69ab0b9b28?d=mm


    Oct 12, 2017 17:43

    anybody know if it is fixed in recent 2017.2?

  4. C4866671da88ee988c938ff406381744?d=mm


    Oct 12, 2017 03:57

    Same issue in 5.6.3p1. Getting this fixed in 5.6.3 would be good.

  5. 117c9936a755f7813e011f1b72940a4b?d=mm


    Oct 11, 2017 11:23

    ...and with 2017.1.2f1

  6. 969da4ea57a9de32f5e5faac13f7c563?d=mm


    Oct 10, 2017 23:29

    @darren - You are a lifesaver! This workaround works great for me and I'm able to submit to Apple again without issue.

    Would still like to see a fix for this in the future, but this is a great temporary workaround for anyone affected.

  7. A370431c0e830eb8f43d99dbe9fb4d91?d=mm


    Oct 10, 2017 17:51

    I was having problems until I selected to use Xcode 8.3 (instead of Xcode 9) in Cloud Build->Config->iOS Production->Signing Credentials. After that, build succeeded, and App Store approved with no error or warning about missing marketing icon.

  8. A370431c0e830eb8f43d99dbe9fb4d91?d=mm


    Oct 09, 2017 23:03

    Has there been any resolution to this issue? I'm still seeing this in 2017.1.2f1, and building in UCB with Unity Version = Alwyas Use Latest 2017.x. This is such a showstopper issue, I'm surprised there has been no response from Unity on how to fix this.

  9. 42a2be47fd834e58d8b863190af41dad?d=mm


    Oct 09, 2017 18:07

    I also have this problem...

  10. 5a2b4d75f4b317a9b025643d2db720cf?d=mm


    Oct 08, 2017 02:16

    This is a showstopper for UCB users! We have an update ready for the last couple days and can't submit because of the missing icon.

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