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[WebGl][Tilemap] Tilemap.SetTile does not set the tile on WebGl build



Steps to reproduce:
1. Open user attached project
2. Play the scene notice that the tile generated by code appears
3. Make a WebGL build and run it
4. Notice that the tile generated by code does not appear

Expected result: setting tiles through code should work on WebGL builds

Reproduced in: 2018.1.0a3, 2017.3.0b8, 2017.2.0p1, 2017.2.0b1

Does not reproduce on Windows & OSX
Tested in: Chrome 61.0, Firefox 56.0

Comments (18)

  1. 856cdb57da6d0b4758d597d30602fcd8?d=mm


    Apr 11, 2018 03:52

    Confirmed this in Debain 9 and Windows 10 building for WebGL. Android builds do not exhibit the issue. Pretty extraordinary oversight for such a highly touted feature... also hoping to see a fix or a workaround for this soon.

  2. 77728a99580f2c7dec5fc89fa846f6c5?d=mm


    Mar 08, 2018 07:42

    I filed a new bug of this issue for iOS platform, likely the cause is same.


  3. 4976cb020151f4bf18444462817d5175?d=mm


    Mar 06, 2018 22:47

    Hello Unity People. The issue is not fixed. It is still reproduceable in the latest beta, that is Unity 2018.1.0b9. Please look into this. If it will not be fixed and this will be still reported as fixed I will create a new BUG report similar to this one.

  4. 344938084e3fc79db83e800efff18c8a?d=mm


    Mar 03, 2018 05:59

    I can confirm that this is not fixed in 2017.3.1p2 even though it says it was fixed in 2017.3.1p1. Tested in WebGL.

  5. 2d6d0eff315f90730b4897382d2e5e12?d=mm


    Mar 02, 2018 11:49

    I have the same issue for iOS builds, which I have tested on the iPhone SE.
    Mac, Windows and Android Builds (Sony Z3, HTC M9) are fine.

  6. Aa51b067c248271979ed0f23c37376be?d=mm


    Feb 28, 2018 16:27

    Same thing is happening to me. Why does this say it's fixed, when it's clearly not fixed?

  7. 77728a99580f2c7dec5fc89fa846f6c5?d=mm


    Feb 27, 2018 13:31

    This was listed as fixed in build 2017.3.1p1 but I can also confirm that the issue described still persists (at least on iOS). Code stripping issue seems to be fixed though. Priority for fixing this should be elevated as it pretty much renders the whole tilemap unusable on iOS.

    Stacktrace I get when setting tiles via Tilemap.SetTile()

    Error running RefreshTile for previous TileNullReferenceException: A null value was found where an object instance was required.
    at UnityEngine.Tilemaps.TileBase.RefreshTile (Vector3Int position, UnityEngine.Tilemaps.ITilemap tilemap) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
    at UnityEngine.Tilemaps.Tilemap.SetTile (Vector3Int position, UnityEngine.Tilemaps.TileBase tile) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0

  8. D1a75a12a2d6a2e9aede6561b5cd9f99?d=mm


    Feb 16, 2018 22:34

    When will this get fixed? I am still having the issue in 2017.3.1f1.

  9. 344938084e3fc79db83e800efff18c8a?d=mm


    Feb 04, 2018 05:01

    It says fixed in future release but it does not say which one. I checked release notes for all 2017.3 patches (patch 4 is most current) and did not see it so fix does not seem available yet.

  10. B52c1cd01335aa14fd77a17a2e728111?d=mm


    Feb 03, 2018 04:06

    I am still experiencing this problem on the most up to date Unity version with WebGL builds. Anyone else still having problems?

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