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[UWP] TextMeshPro duplicates characters on HoloLens2 when using Chinese language

Package: TextMeshPro


Using using the OnScreenKeyboard in HoloLens2 to enter text into a TextMeshPro field while using the Chinese language, characters get duplicated in the output string.

How to reproduce:
1. Open the attached "" project
2. Open the "SampleScene2" scene
3. Build to UWP
4. Open built the solution in Visual Studio
5. Add the "Chinese (Simplified, China) Microsoft Pinyin" keyboard in Settings on the HoloLens 2
6. Start Debugging on either HL2 device or the emulator
7. Click on the "TMP input field" field
8. Switch to the Chinese keyboard
9. Make sure the lower left side of the keyboard shows "中" instead of "英"
10. Type "zhong" on the keyboard

Actual result: String is duplicated after each character entered resulting in this string: "zzhzhozhonzhong"
Expected result: All typed characters are shown individually ( z -> zh -> zho -> zhon -> zhong)

Reproducible with: 2021.2.0a213 (3.0.4)

- This issue is due to a bug in the TextMeshPro package, were it doesn't properly handle InPlaceEditingAlloweed flag
- This issue is related to bug in that the same TMP bug is the source for both issues
- This issue is related to this bug: which fixed the text updates but not the duplicate characters

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