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Unity hangs when selecting objects in the scene view

Scene/Game View


How to reproduce:
1. Download the package from the cloud (link and password provided in the edit)
2. Create a new Unity project and export the package
3. Open Undine Town scene
4. Click twice on the Player in Hierarchy
5. Open profiler and select Profile Editor
6. Select Player>suit_chest_piece>jacket_flat (keep in mind where it is) and other parts, notice that is is selected fast
7. Select Player and then jacket_flat in the scene view
8. Unity will freeze for around 5 minutes or longer
You can check the reason in the profiler Overhead or SceneView.Repaint

Not reproducible: 5.1.4f1

Comments (15)

  1. ElusiveJacob

    Apr 13, 2017 22:25

    Continues to be a problem in 5.3.6

    Selecting an object with the UI canvas on it and opening scenes with those objects in it cause freezes

  2. Aiursrage2k

    Aug 09, 2016 08:21

    Yeah it happens to me as well, the only good solution is just to go back to unity 5.2

  3. CampingCaraboo

    Jun 27, 2016 21:20

    I'm having a similar issue with version 5.3.5 that just happened today, and had not occurred before this morning. First it happened with selecting a prefab in my assets folder. Now it just happened with a material...

  4. HalversonS

    Jun 20, 2016 17:11

    Issue present in 5.3.5 and in 5.2.2. This issue appears to occur when several children share a parent, and a child that is nested in one of the children are selected.

  5. BlizzLeon

    Apr 27, 2016 12:10

    Whats going on with this? is there any resolve yet?

  6. Chance Touchstone

    Apr 27, 2016 02:21

    I'm having this issue EVERY time I click Add Component (and other misc actions) in 5.3.4f1.

  7. T_A_S

    Apr 22, 2016 01:51

    I can confirm that this problem does in fact exist and still does. It's been very frustrating trying to navigate fairly dense scenes as even with a pretty powerful workhorse it still hangs.

  8. SimplyMelee

    Apr 10, 2016 14:04

    This is not fixed. I am having a similar issue in Unity 5.4.0b11, when selecting components through the task manger, and attempting to access scenes that contain them. Although this issue seemingly lasts indefinitely (or just for a really long time) and seems much harder to reproduce as the bugs I have so far found appear to occur completely randomly, and seem to "fix" themselves on their own accord.

    It may be a problem with loading the scripts attached to the object, as the issue only occurs when trying to access a component with a certain script attached. When I try to build the scene, Unity hangs at "Compiling Scripts" - while still appearing to be performing some form of task. That said, I can still select my scripts in the Inspector without any issues whatsoever.

    Whilst this bug is occurring, when I view Unity in the Task Manager, disk usage is at 0, and the amount of memory Unity uses stays exactly the same, while CPU usage fluctuates as per normal.

    The last change I made to project before this issue arose was adding SSAO to my player's camera, and adding a feature to toggle it through a checkbox in the menu. Problems only started later when loading Unity this morning.

  9. Toba

    Mar 14, 2016 02:02

    Still happening in 5.3.3

  10. ChubbyBoy

    Jan 24, 2016 15:55

    I have this issue I think. basic 16 x 16 tile of prefabs, each with 4-small mesh trees. If you click on a tile in the middle/back, the entire window freezes for a second. However, Box-selection is perfectly fine and no freezing what-so-ever.

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