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[UI] [Dual Displays] UI components are scaled or placed wrongly and do not interact in Dual Display projects



Reproduction Steps:
1. Open Project
2. Open "MainScene"
3. Play scene
4. Try pressing any button on Display 1
5. Notice it does nothing
6. Build and run to standalone only "Main Scene"
7. Try pressing buttons in standalone version
8. Notice that they interact
9. Press any button that opens something on Display 2
10. Try pressing UI buttons on Display 2
11. Notice that those buttons do nothing
12. Now Open "CentreConsole" scene
13. Notice how it looks alike in editor
14. Build to Standalone only this scene
15. Notice how it look alike in Standalone

Expected behaviour: UI works on two displays just as well as on one.
Actual results: UI has a lot of misbehaviours in applications with two displays.

Reproduced on versions: Unity 5.4.0f3, 5.4.1p3, 5.5.0b5
Could not open/build on Unity 5.3.6p6

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    Apr 15, 2019

    This case was closed with Wont fix because the example project was setup incorrectly. If you have a bug that sounds like this then please submit a new bug report with an example project.

Comments (12)

  1. D39676647514dd99ed6ebb0e678a6a6c?d=mm


    Jan 12, 2021 07:53

    I had a similar problem. I made the same resolutions for my monitors and the same resolutions for two unity instances. And the main display check mark in the windows settings can also affect.

  2. A2abbdd58951e77bdc56c4291b057398?d=mm


    Jan 30, 2019 17:48

    "Won't Fix"

    That must be a joke.

  3. 2a56207ff328c0a47547d590c1e8353a?d=mm


    Dec 03, 2018 16:59

    Still not fixed in 2018.2

  4. 72e7686ae9fbab80c2afac40419522d3?d=mm


    Nov 09, 2017 18:53

    Still an issue

  5. 2b008a3ad976c7870e910150b4a61777?d=mm


    Sep 15, 2017 13:42

    this issue is still existing , can you explain why it won't be fixed ?

  6. Ec513b1c9e49522f4697b45e415289c0?d=mm


    Jul 11, 2017 08:38

    Won't Fix ?
    Won't Fix ???!!!

    Why ???????
    An explanation would be nice...

  7. Ed5eb175c8a348a0243dccc861b4000b?d=mm


    Apr 20, 2017 23:54

    Is there a fix for Mac OS? Need to solve this urgently. Thanks!

  8. D4134909f2b0789a576fab4022fe7c33?d=mm


    Mar 15, 2017 08:54

    zip do not work. repo output do not work. Unity 5.5.2f1

  9. Ec513b1c9e49522f4697b45e415289c0?d=mm


    Feb 23, 2017 08:44

    When will this be in an 'official' patch ?
    I don't want to change 9(!) files on 4 computers to fix this bug

  10. A5731afab4f3c12d97b61aa45785ffc3?d=mm


    Jan 26, 2017 16:36

    1- Download zip file:
    2 - Unzip him;
    3 - Copy unziped folder "GUISystem" and override de unity Ui system in "C:/Program Files/Unity/Editor/Data/UnityExtensions/Unity/GUISystem"
    4 - Open unity and test again.

    OBS.: canva in "Screen Space" still does not work; Please comment your results.

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