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[UGUI] Batches count is different if camera is more than 200 units away from the (0,0,0)



To reproduce:
1) Open the attached project and scene
2) In Game View, open Stats window to see batches count
3) Play it
4) Move the Main Camera around

Expected: Batches always stay at 3
Actual: They can be anywhere between 3 and 10, depending on the position
Note: This only starts happening when the camera is roughly 200 units away in any axis from (0,0,0)

Reproduced in 2017.4.0f1, 2019.2.10f1, 2020.1.0a12

  1. Resolution Note (2020.1.X):

    The algorithm we use for batching has some places where rounding might come into play. For instance extents = math::convert_int4(math::floor(instruction.globalRect.v0 / (float)sortBucketGridSize)); This could change which "bucket" a element would be compared against. As this changes what is considered together can change.

    As for it updating when the canvas moves it is also required as the batch is generated based upon the canvas's position. There is thoughts on changing this but not now.

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