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[TMP] Bold font style does not affect Title, Heading or C3 text styles



*Steps to reproduce:*
# Create a new project.
# Hierarchy > UI > Text - TextMeshPro. Install TMP Essentials when prompted.
# Focus on the created text in scene view.
# In the inspector, set Text Style to Title, H1, H2, H3 or C3.
# Toggle bold in the Font Style section.

*Actual results:* Nothing happens.

*Expected results:*
Unsure what is exactly is expected instead, but either something such as:
* The bold option should be displayed in a way that indicates to the user this value can't be edited, and whether or not the text is already set to bold.

* Ability to toggle bold on these text styles - all other font style options in the inspector apply to the text, and tools such as Google Docs and Jira will allow you to toggle bold on headings and titles. 

*Reproducible with versions:* 6000.0.7f1, 2022.3.33f1, 2021.3.39f1

*Tested on (OS):* Win 11

  1. Resolution Note:

    As designed in the Default StyleSheet, these tags are expected to always be bold.

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