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Scene View Navigation Delays

Scene/Game View


When moving around the scene view with WASD and mouse controls, the view will occasionally stop moving regardless of the current keyboard input.

Reproduction Steps:
1. Open any project or scene
2. In the Scene View hold down right mouse button to begin navigating
3. Without moving the mouse, alternate holding A and D to pan the camera
4. Occasionally the view will stop moving, usually when changing directions (see the attached GIF below)

Comments (29)

  1. F727412596bf675ca87fc6b272441fc4?d=mm


    Dec 21, 2015 06:16

    I have noticed this since 5.2 as well. I had hoped that it would be gone with 5.3, but it's still there. I'm downgrading to 5.1 again.

  2. E541c7ffbd7bedc6e490d988e4164099?d=mm


    Nov 29, 2015 06:16

    I have this issue, too. Just showed up for me in 5.2.3f1. It's really making working in the editor difficult. Highly considering going back a version for the time being.

  3. A26cdc6b0eecd481978353a31229d634?d=mm


    Nov 19, 2015 16:13

    Definitely makes a difference, I appreciate the comment.

  4. Caf9321a35df636310f19e553cb5b2d1?d=mm


    Nov 19, 2015 13:13

    Found part of the reason for me. Just below your #Scene tab in the editor you can select shaded, 2D etc. On the little picture icon to the right you can toggle fog flares skybox and animated materials. Animated materials seems to be causing the WASD lag. Try toggling it. Turning it on greatly improves my FPS.

  5. A26cdc6b0eecd481978353a31229d634?d=mm


    Nov 19, 2015 04:55

    Almost unusable for months now

    win 8
    geforce 970

    On my pc, the delay is constant and makes working in the scene view a nightmare if you are not moving the mouse.

  6. Aa88b362ea7653bd1b3e577cadffd9e6?d=mm


    Oct 30, 2015 16:10

    I had this issue since 5.1 too and it's killing any fluid level designing.
    It seems like the scene view is only updated when the mouse is moved instead of constantly to save processing power?
    Maybe it is working this way since the early days but somehow the keyboard-event-updating was lost somewhere between 5.0 and 5.1

  7. B49dc0edbdae7522467b1c1b15dd0bdb?d=mm


    Oct 29, 2015 09:38

    This issue makes the editor a incredibly annoying to work with, even in the simplest of scenes.

  8. 06017bda9eca7f0f69531aea9e8813d7?d=mm


    Oct 29, 2015 09:36

    Huge pain to deal with.

  9. Cb65e88de1c46265a3900eb2cca68057?d=mm


    Oct 18, 2015 11:11

    I noticed it too after updating from 5.1 and it's getting on my nerves. The "workaround" i found for now is to always keep moving the mouse, at least a bit, to keep the scene view from freezing. :oP

    ...of course that's just learning how to live with a clear bug in the Editor, but at least makes my stress level slightly lower.

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