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Scene View Navigation Delays

Scene/Game View


When moving around the scene view with WASD and mouse controls, the view will occasionally stop moving regardless of the current keyboard input.

Reproduction Steps:
1. Open any project or scene
2. In the Scene View hold down right mouse button to begin navigating
3. Without moving the mouse, alternate holding A and D to pan the camera
4. Occasionally the view will stop moving, usually when changing directions (see the attached GIF below)

Comments (29)

  1. 42629981bd338d906e1327eadbfe3c77?d=mm


    Oct 10, 2017 07:42

    If you're using an MSI device this might fix your problem:

    Do you have Nahimic for MSI installed? That was the culprit in my case. Uninstall that shit and restart Unity, might work for you too. If it doesn't work, make sure there's not a service for it still running, also try rebooting after uninstalling it.

  2. D612ca675e58dd77898f4ecb8e36e7e6?d=mm


    Aug 11, 2017 18:56

    Unbelievable that this is still not fixed. Postponed and voting is disabled. What a crock, Unity. At least give us the code so we can fix it if you don't want to.

  3. 49d76b6035b403e1e7a34fe7ec8de79f?d=mm


    Apr 29, 2017 17:03

    updatE: still stuttering

  4. 14d4420b57917f357fa6bec15e2a8c11?d=mm


    Feb 20, 2017 10:53

    So is there any solution ? Now upgraded to unity 5.5 and the bug still persists, one thing that helps is when you run in background the all of a sudden the sutter stops... But i want to fix that completely so i don't have to open chrome every time

  5. 9ce32cb054190a03001dd8f1164eca18?d=mm


    Jun 04, 2016 16:20

    I've got the same issue now in 5.3.4 and the workaround I mentioned earlier working does not help anymore. Please look into this.

  6. 49d76b6035b403e1e7a34fe7ec8de79f?d=mm


    May 27, 2016 15:21

    To be honest, I'm not having this issue anymore since 5.4.0b<something>, it stutters a little when you just launch the editor the it stops stuttering and delaying.

  7. 9cb78ccc78ba8a1be0828db4adb4cdbc?d=mm


    May 03, 2016 07:56

    Just repeating that Animated Materials in the skybox toggle at the top of Scene window fixes the WASD stuttering, but not the switching of direction stuttering.

  8. 57bb7614567ceef271a3cb1821ec3566?d=mm


    Apr 12, 2016 10:29

    You would think that after all this time this would be fixed...

    I actually created a new empty project, cleared all editor tabs with the exception of the scene view, turned off the sun and the skybox box, opened unity with both the integrated graphics and my gtx980m. Nothing helped. Tested in both the lasted stable 5.3.4f1 and 5.4b11. Same behavior.

    Unity, you already acknowledge in GDC you guys have been introducing too many bugs. How about start doing what you promised and correct things?

  9. 9ce32cb054190a03001dd8f1164eca18?d=mm


    Mar 01, 2016 13:06

    I was getting this (around 1s freezes when switching panning directions in the editor) on Unity 5.3.3. I don't think it began right after upgrading Unity, but at a seemingly random point of using the editor. Then it was occurring on all my scenes, trivial ones included.

    Disabling animated materials as suggested did not change things for me. But another toggle did, the scene lighting one, represented as a sun icon in the scene view. After disabling that, panning delays were gone. But after enabling lighting again, delays did not return.

    I'm anticipating the problem will keep occurring, but I've got no clue what could be causing it. Somebody please take a look at this. Meanwhile try my workaround, if the other one mentioned didn't work for you.

  10. A26cdc6b0eecd481978353a31229d634?d=mm


    Jan 17, 2016 17:45

    Can't you just temporarily add some toggable code that will constantly move the camera in scene view by some fractional amount while you look for a fix? cmon Unity, its been months... please...

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