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Fixed in 2023.2.0b10, 2023.3.0a11



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"ReleaseDynamicVBOFrame: Unexpected frame" errors are constantly spammed in Console when using HDRP or URP



How to reproduce:
1. Create a new Unity project using the "3D Sample Scene (HDRP)" template
2. Wait for the project to load and observe the Console

Expected results: No errors are spammed
Actual results: "ReleaseDynamicVBOFrame: Unexpected frame" errors are spammed 

Reproduced in 2023.2.0a5
Not reproduced in: 2023.2.0a4

Reproduced using: Windows 10, Windows 11

1. Based on duplicate reports, also reproduced in Universal RP
2. Based on duplicate reports, if Unity is opened for ~30 minutes, it will eventually lead to this error, which eventually requires a force close via Task Manager
3. [] could not be tested in 2023.2.0a17 due to this error

Comments (2)

  1. oen3

    Nov 21, 2023 16:38

    I'm still having this issue on 2023.2.0f1

  2. GradientOGames_

    Jul 24, 2023 23:05

    Yes please, this is really bugging me and is preventint me from debugging.

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