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[MSE] Additively loaded scenes use light probe data from first loaded scene

Global Illumination


Steps to reproduce:

1. Open attached project ""
2. Inspect all of the scenes, notice that each has lightprobes baked individually
3. Open scene "Scene_A" and drop "Scene_B" to hierarchy to enable MSE
4. Move green light of scene "Scene_A" and notice that light probes of "Scene_B" uses light of "Scene_A" but whole group of scenes use probe position of "Scene_B"

Reproduced with: 5.3.6p2, 5.4.0p4, 5.5.0b1

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    Resolution Note (fix version 2019.3):

    This issue has been fixed with introducing the light probe merging feature for additively loaded scenes: If you still can reproduce it after applying this feature, feel free to reopen the case.

Comments (27)

  1. 7adf6291548edb16ffe80e807c5e8abb?d=mm


    Jul 20, 2017 02:46

    I think this is still a problem in 5.6.1f1

  2. 4ba168b7caf98f3fe22ea6fb023cf539?d=mm


    Jul 08, 2017 14:33

    Addendum to last comment - I am not using realtime GI - I am just using normal old fashioned baked lighting.

  3. 4ba168b7caf98f3fe22ea6fb023cf539?d=mm


    Jul 08, 2017 14:32

    I still have this issue in 5.6.2f1 - this should not be marked as fixed.

  4. 2b8d0517a3b9754afad0aeb2b2cb9bbc?d=mm


    Jun 19, 2017 14:03

    Still Found in Unity 5.6.1f1

  5. E54af7341060ae887616272b7d174abd?d=mm


    May 28, 2017 07:11

    5.6.1.p1 - still have this bug

  6. Af0f3aba46342a93fd740131e56d41d2?d=mm


    Apr 12, 2017 15:46

    I second this, it is two major built-in systems not compatible with each other. Unless it changed through versions, it seems that the lightprobe data is not the first one loaded but the last scene loaded now. But it still corrupts the lighting of other scenes

  7. F90e0ad1d1b264ee38f98e3edcd34836?d=mm


    Feb 03, 2017 09:18

    Please fix this bug. It's been there since a year. It's almost impossible to build realtime GI enabled games using this. How can you expect us to make games using enlighten when such a critical bug is there in the system?

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