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Fixed in 2021.3.14f1, 2022.1.23f1, 2022.2.0b15, 2023.1.0b4



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Meta Quest performance loss between URP versions when built



Reproduction steps:

# Open the user’s attached project “”
# Enable the Metrics HUD in ODH to see App GPU Time and GPU Utilization
# Build and run on Quest device

Expected result: App Time and GPU Utilization are around the same between different Editor versions
Actual result: App Time and GPU Utilization increase on newer streams

Version - GPU Utilization - App Time
10.10.0 (2020.3.39f1) - 70% - 8823
12.1.7 (2021.3.10f1) - 75% - 5486
13.1.7 (2022.1.0b16) - 75% - 6046
13.1.8 (2022.1.0f1) - 76% - 8203
13.1.8 (2022.1.17f1) - 76% - 8823
14.0.3 (2022.2.0b8) - 75% - 8191
15.0.1 (2023.1.0a10) - 69% - 8007

Reproducible with devices:
VLNQA00379, Oculus (Quest 2), Android 10, CPU: Snapdragon XR2, GPU: A.3dreno (TM) 650

Reproduced on: Windows 10 Pro 21H2


* With a more complex scene, GPU usage skyrockets and is unusable

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 2023.1.0b4):

    - Prevent URP from using Depth32Stencil8 for its intermediate depth texture on Android.

  2. Resolution Note (fix version 2022.2.0b15):

    GPU ultilization is the same and app time is within expectations.

  3. Resolution Note (fix version 2021.3.14f1):

    Performace is back to more expected results for App Time and GPU Utilization

Comments (35)

  1. Cloudwalker_

    Nov 17, 2022 05:44

    Just tested the sample project that I had submitted using 2022.2.0b15 and the performance regression is gone. This is still just one case, if you guys have other cases please make sure to submit the bugs!

  2. Cloudwalker_

    Nov 16, 2022 22:59

    They aren't going to research unless you post bug reports. So please post bug reports using the older 2020 / 2019 version of unity so they will start looking.

  3. Ervo

    Nov 16, 2022 09:23

    This issue won't be fixed on 2020.3 because they used that version as baseline for the performance comparison but this problem comes from long before, specifically in 2020.2 with URP 10
    We're using 2020.1 for development and we need to update it to an LTS (2020.3), we can't release the game like this, it's neglectful

  4. chichichap

    Nov 16, 2022 05:01

    We cannot upgrade to newer versions of Unity because of performance issues like this.

  5. Sholms

    Nov 01, 2022 03:43

    any update about this?

  6. Sholms

    Nov 01, 2022 03:35

    any update about this?

  7. aducceschi

    Oct 20, 2022 07:49

    My project on 2020.3 runs at a solid 90 FPS. But upgrading to 2021 or 2022 gives me a 60-70FPS average. I just tried out 2023.1.0a14 and got also 60-70FPS, I hope the fix that they are talking about will come in 2023.1.0a15.

    (Note: the main difference that I see in my Deep Profile enabled profiler is that the XRUpdate.EarlyUpdate takes up to 3x times the amount of "ms" to calculate).


    Oct 20, 2022 07:24

    Just tested the fix provided in 2023.1.0a14 with one of our projects, and while it seems like it made some things better, it's still way off in terms of performance compared to 2019.4.

    Our 2019.4 project has stable ~55-70% GPU Utilisation with 72 fps while 2023.1.0a14 is somewhere around 80% in some areas but a lot of cases it jumps to 99% and all of a sudden has fps at around 30.

    We have made tests before with 2020, 2021 versions too, and 2020 version suffered 10% more GPU Usage in this project. while 2021 was completely unusable where it already jumped to 99% and low fps ranges.

    I have sent a repro case with exactly this entire project to unity and I really hope they will be able to make things right this time.

    The repro case ticket is "IN-20444" in case Unity sees this comment.

  9. aducceschi

    Oct 19, 2022 08:47

    Can we get an approximate date or an approximate version that we can hope having a fix for the performance disparity?

  10. Extrys

    Oct 10, 2022 11:34

    Finally a word from Unity, thanks! i hope you can fix this soon
    All the info i could give is in the forum, as ar as i know the performance problem started since Unity 2020.2.0f1 that enforces using URP10

    changing urp 8 to make it compatible with 2020.2 makes the performance a bit better but still not enough, as seems that the editor itself makes something that also makes builds slower than before in other unity older updates

    so i would say you could start searching over there

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