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Maverick and Unity performance issues




Priority: 2Necessary for shipping a final release


Severity: 1Crash, freeze, data loss, work stops

On some Mac's with OS X 10.9 Unity performance is very bad, including stuttering, editor freezes, editor lags and similar.

We found that there seems to be a leak in Maverick's OpenGL ARB VBO implementation.
Our text rendering creates and destroys a lot of VBO's so it is most likely that this happened after around 10 minutes of working with Unity and the inspector or other text heavy components in unity uploading a lot of geometry.

Terrains will be especially affected, but of course just loading a scene / unloading a scene will load / unload VBO's for all the meshes too.

This issue has been fixed with a workaround in 4.3.4. We are working with Apple to get a proper fix done, at which point we will be able to remove the workaround.

Comments (117)

  1. 2c2f810386d4b6884ef64f3abde5b9e0?d=mm


    Nov 22, 2013 19:57

    I get freezes all the time, both in 4.2 and 4.3, since I upgraded to Mavericks.

  2. 24b87b58d4dc93a3e66fb5f21dcdf0b5?d=mm


    Nov 22, 2013 15:25

    In editor after some time with modifying game objects and later in play mode I have about 2-3 fps. It's so slow on my MacBook Pro Mid 2009 with Mavericks that I don't want to work with Unity any more, at least till fix. Upgrade to 4.3.0f4 did not helped at all.

  3. 781b2ccb92dd445e6463880aa9cd1aef?d=mm


    Nov 22, 2013 10:51

    impossible to work in this condition.

  4. 170a116d0c25eed8e8c0d78ea9eb0def?d=mm


    Nov 22, 2013 10:33

    Please fix this issue as soon as possible because I already waste 70% time to waiting my machine freezing and back to the normal !! That's unacceptable and cannot keep going my project now.

  5. A9b7e68f91e4e424d909b5b850d2d5dd?d=mm


    Nov 22, 2013 08:39

    We have iMacs 2012 now on Mavericks with Unity 4.2.2 installed. A soon as we upgraded to Mavericks Unity started to freeze the whole computer to the point we had hard restart. Since chrome and mail updates this seems to fix it to the stage where it only glitches and locks up for cca 30 seconds. We are primarily using Playmaker, NGUI and Uni2D plugins but its proving to be almost impossible prototype physics or anything that is heavily using hardware. This has to be fixed as our business is so heavily build on Unity. Before Mavericks we have not experience a single drawback to UNITY. Please fix!

  6. 578d920acd4e5563a95deb1a0884ca7c?d=mm


    Nov 22, 2013 00:15

    I have the same lags even with total freezes for 30 - 60 seconds. Im working on mac book pro and i'm noticed that lags appears only when external monitor is on. When working only one monitor lags disappears, its do the trick even when i'm closing notebook and working only with external monitor.

  7. A91be5836c31789d136718797050ca77?d=mm


    Nov 21, 2013 23:21

    I experience this issue with my 2012 Mac mini, but not with my late-2013 MacBook Pro. Just FYI.

  8. C7b726d1919e127dd9de9dfee5f565dc?d=mm


    Nov 21, 2013 22:31

    I agree, I would really like this issue fixed immediately because it is become almost impossible to work on my game with editor freezes. but I'm actually thinking that mavericks is the one thats causing freezes to my mac, mavericks has been a bit buggy sense i got it.

  9. C0ecf79c66d185d7ccaaa49fea0940ce?d=mm


    Nov 21, 2013 13:37

    While working in scene (rotating or moving gameview etc.) it freezes 5-15 seconds once every 10-15 minutes.

  10. 721072ade4c9c572b0ae01197a3a4aaf?d=mm


    Nov 21, 2013 09:12

    The worst problem is unity make the whole system freeze like ten time a day.

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