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[Linux Player] If screen selector is disabled/doesn't run, and default is "Fullscreen Windowed", it defaults to 1x1 resolution



To reproduce:
1) Create a new project
2) Go to player settings
3) Make sure Fullscreen Mode is at "Fullscreen Window", Default is Native is enabled and that "Screen Selector" is disabled

Expected: Native resolution is used
Actual: 1x1 resolution is used instead

Reproduced in 2018.2.4f1, 2018.2.12f1
Not reproduced in 2018.2.3f1

Not reproduced in Windows 10

Comments (1)

  1. 8d720d0f4f3c8372aa2a03c53241df4b?d=mm


    Oct 16, 2018 19:40

    I'm having this issue with Unity 2018.2.10f1, running in Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS.

    Seems related to this other issue:

    I'm using a workaround posted by Techcor on that issue: Unchecking the "Default is Native Resolution" option, then setting Default Resolution to 9999 x 9999.
    Doing so makes the game run in Fullscreen Window using the native resolution, even if the Screen Selector (Resolution Dialog) is disabled/hidden by default.

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