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[iOS] Rendering freezes when the orientation is changed



How to reproduce:
1. Open the attached project ""
2. Build and Run the Project on an iOS device
3. In the Build, repeatedly press the "Portrait" button

Expected result: The orientation keeps changing with no freezing
Actual result: After a couple of presses, the rendering freezes

Reproducible with: 2020.3.37f1, 2021.3.6f1, 2022.1.10f1, 2022.2.0b2, 2023.1.0a4

Reproduced on:
- iPad Air (4th Generation) (iOS 15.2.1)

Did not reproduce on:
- iPhone 12 mini (iOS 14.1)
- iPhone 13 (iOS 15.0)
- iPhone 12 (iOS 14.1)
- iPad Pro 12.9" (iOS 13.4.1)
- iPad (9th generation) (iOS 15.0)

- The issue sometimes happens after a single button press, sometimes takes up to 10 presses
- The freeze can disappear on its own after a while or has a small chance of disappearing after receiving some input on the device
- As evident from the Xcode logs, hand gestures are still recognized and can be used to put the App in the background and even open other apps, while the screen is stuck showing the app

Comments (3)

  1. bnmguy

    May 20, 2023 04:17

    The fact these bugs take the amount of time they do to even consider getting fixed is unacceptable.

  2. skatamatic_scopear

    Apr 24, 2023 19:17

    Here's a terrible workaround I was forced to use. Overwrite the trampoline output files on ios builds before building in xcode.

    I hope someone finds a better solution. 300ms worked, 200ms didn't. Set to 500ms to be "safe".

  3. KrisNicholsonCF

    Jan 10, 2023 02:16

    Reproduced with an iPad (10th generation) (iOS 16.0)

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