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HoloLens2 - Using TouchScreenKeyboardType.EmailAddress to bring up the HoloLens system keyboard prevents JP IME from working

Package: WindowsMR


1. What happened
Follow the documentation here to bring up the system keyboard on HoloLens 2:

However, instead of using TouchScreenKeyboardType.Default, configure it to be TouchScreenKeyboardType.EmailAddress. On Japanese (language/keyboard, etc), even after switching input mode, the Japanese IME is still not showing up.

2. How we can reproduce it using the example you attached
a. Configure the device to use Japanese:
- Windows Display Language – Japanese
- App Preferred Language – Japanese
- Keyboard – Japanese Microsoft IME

b. Launch the app and then navigate to the "Unity UI Examples" and tap on the "UGUI Input Field (experimental)" to bring up the system keyboard.

c. Make sure the Japanese keyboard is selected and switch the system keyboard input mode to enter japanese char (2nd key on the bottom row of the keyboard from the left), e.g. it should read "abc".

d. Type 'ab' - the 'auto complete' of the keyboard only shows 'ab' and that's wha

  1. Resolution Note:

    Investigation into issues has revealed this is most likely an MS issue. We have communicate the details to the MS WinMR team.

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