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Game view disappears after playmode

Scene/Game View


This issue is floating and appears in a while when user works with Editor for a certain time.
Both GameView and SceneView should be visible.

To repro:
Create a simple project.
1. Add gameobject (cube, sphere, canvas etc).
2. Add some script (all projects contained Time.deltaTime()).
3. Start playmode.
4. Collapse Editor (?).

Actual result: If you expand Editor, Gameview will blackout (like no Display is selected).
Expected result: Gameview is not hidden.

Launch the editor with -force-gfx-direct flag.

Regression since 5.3.
Is present in 5.4 and trunk.
Tested on 5.4.0b24-b25-0f1-0f3, 5.5.0a3-5.5.0a5.

See forum thread for additional info:

Comments (24)

  1. 3c8902f31328e3187ee0cd07f8084bc9?d=mm


    Sep 05, 2016 15:49

    When this has happened to me, I just close the Game view tab and add it back. I do not have to restart Unity.

  2. 92870817a7d6da6f713c00874264f53f?d=mm


    Sep 05, 2016 02:09

    This is so frustrating ... it can only get the game view to show up after restarting Unity.

  3. 5f8603ae976b980b2ede71b4d59317ad?d=mm


    Aug 27, 2016 04:28

    This issue began with first 5.4 release and it still occurs with p2

  4. B8a69678fc601ab7c3aa6a652051d37f?d=mm


    Aug 23, 2016 16:03

    This is super annoying.

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