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Game view disappears after playmode

Scene/Game View


This issue is floating and appears in a while when user works with Editor for a certain time.
Both GameView and SceneView should be visible.

To repro:
Create a simple project.
1. Add gameobject (cube, sphere, canvas etc).
2. Add some script (all projects contained Time.deltaTime()).
3. Start playmode.
4. Collapse Editor (?).

Actual result: If you expand Editor, Gameview will blackout (like no Display is selected).
Expected result: Gameview is not hidden.

Launch the editor with -force-gfx-direct flag.

Regression since 5.3.
Is present in 5.4 and trunk.
Tested on 5.4.0b24-b25-0f1-0f3, 5.5.0a3-5.5.0a5.

See forum thread for additional info:

Comments (21)

  1. Fa5836bab90860f5b491e89fb2405f1c?d=mm


    Sep 14, 2016 07:23

    still have this issue in 5.4.1f1 on OSX

  2. A938c629161e3daa88ab96fbc655c970?d=mm


    Sep 13, 2016 04:54

    The fix will be in 5.4.1p2

  3. Fc403a3b798925aed8227a540db023dc?d=mm


    Sep 12, 2016 21:09

    Still happening in 5.4.1! OS X 10.11.6 Intel HD4000

  4. 02bb6a2e63d630de27c7a612bedf4080?d=mm


    Sep 11, 2016 17:43

    This is also happening quite often for me, usually after I have the game playing for a while (but occasionally it happens within the first minute).

    To offer some data points for hypotheses raised on the forum thread:

    1. I can confirm that it happens with the new game window scale slider set exactly at 1.0.

    2. For me, it seems to be more common if I have the game window pulled out from the Unity editor's main window (I like to put the game window on my second monitor).

    3. The bug does not require the game window to be maximized. I get it in windowed play mode.

    4. I have been testing with multiple standalone instances running the same multiplayer build, and one instance running in the editor. 100% of the time, the bug affects the editor instance and none of the others.

    5. I can reliably clear the problem by closing the game window and opening a new one. Resizing the game window does not clear the bug for me. I note that someone on the forum tried un-maximizing and re-maximizing, and that cleared it. Of course, since reading that I have been unable to replicate the bug to try that workaround myself. Intermittent bugs are THE WORST! :-)

    6. I am running Unity Personal 5.4.0f3 on Mac OS-X 10.11.6. The only unusual aspect of my Mac is that I have installed the latest NVidia GPU driver (version 346.03.15f03, current as of today).

    7. None of my other apps, including 3D tools such as Blender and Substance Designer, are having this issue, so I don't think it's a graphics driver bug.

    8. Someone on the forum thread (the OP, if I recall) mentioned a badly glitched main editor window. I had something like that exactly once, and had to restart Unity to clear it. Thankfully, that has not recurred for me.

    I hope this helps.

  5. 93728933cf8c8869b02d98c09d4096f0?d=mm


    Sep 10, 2016 22:58

    Still happening in 5.4.1. Literally within 5 minutes of updating from 5.3.5. C'mon guys, this is not making a good impression!

  6. Bd448135cf59b8365bbbe7bcbd060288?d=mm


    Sep 07, 2016 11:15

    Happening in 5.4.0f3 on OS X.

    Haven't experienced it before 5.4.

  7. 33b28325f46658453fb8cccc43d6a6a5?d=mm


    Sep 07, 2016 07:40

    What I do is click on the Animation Tab then back to game, which usually fixes it. Some times I have to click on Asset Store as well (not tried that on it's own).
    Very annoying, especially when it happens while in the middle of playing, as you can miss the part you have been waiting ages to see.

  8. 3c8902f31328e3187ee0cd07f8084bc9?d=mm


    Sep 05, 2016 15:49

    When this has happened to me, I just close the Game view tab and add it back. I do not have to restart Unity.

  9. 92870817a7d6da6f713c00874264f53f?d=mm


    Sep 05, 2016 02:09

    This is so frustrating ... it can only get the game view to show up after restarting Unity.

  10. 5f8603ae976b980b2ede71b4d59317ad?d=mm


    Aug 27, 2016 04:28

    This issue began with first 5.4 release and it still occurs with p2

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