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Embedded Binaries function in XCode Manipulation API




Priority: 2Necessary for shipping a final release


Severity: 3Workaround is possible

Embedded Binaries function in XCode Manipulation API missing.

There is no embedded binaries function in XCode Manipulation API right now, which is necessary to incorporating e.g.: HangIt into apps.

There is a answers page about it:

There is also the according forum thread:

This is also necessary to build apps via Cloud Build or any automatic build system as for local builds you can just add it manually as workaround.

Comments (6)

  1. 7bb1cf6e73a9c2a9890df3398f8fffad?d=mm


    Apr 12, 2017 23:56

    This issue still prevents me from fully automatic continuous integration. I spend so many hours in Xcode reattaching (and forgetting to) all my binaries : (

  2. 6d1ad6c7c5800d481c47ca08e85b0520?d=mm


    Mar 29, 2017 09:05

    I need this too. Seems like the problem exists for a long time, but still no solution?

  3. 045a310e99e68f78095efce96ca3997e?d=mm


    Feb 13, 2017 10:13

    Is there any news on this?

    What is the timeline for an updated Xcode manipulation API?
    Any sort of update would be useful since it seems like changes to the open sourced API won't be accepted:

  4. Feda8ec069693d4b2c24612d019405e0?d=mm


    Jan 27, 2017 18:16

    Any updates on this? It seems more and more, I'm using frameworks/plugins that require this behavior.

  5. Bca97f76c6dfee00a6b484b8157cf8c3?d=mm


    Oct 27, 2016 14:47

    Please fix.

  6. Feda8ec069693d4b2c24612d019405e0?d=mm


    Jul 08, 2016 20:22

    This seems to be a problem with any arbitrary custom framework. I've got a project that requires a custom .framework and it fails to build unless the framework is added to the embedded binaries.

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