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[Asset Importers] Asset Store Package gets stuck on import

Asset Importers


When attempting to import one of the Asset store Top Assets:

The asset importer gets stuck and an erros appears in the console. Then the Asset importer never progresses from there:

Failed to copy package file to Assets/SimpleTown/DemoScene.meta

After getting the error, the progress bar always appears on the screen, and the asset never gets imported. After killing the Editor from Task Manager and reopening the project, there is a folder hierarchy similar to that of hte project, but none of the assets are there.
If I try to reimport the asset again, though, the second time it works (but only if i leave the folders there!)

Affected assets:
- Stick Hero

To repro this:
- start a new project in Unity 2019.3.0b5 or 2020.1.0a5
- Download and try to open this asset store assets:

Reproducible in Unity 2020.1.0a5, 2019.3.0b5
Reproducible with BOTH ADB v1 and v2
Not reproducible in 2019.3.0b3, 2019.2.0f2
First affected version: 2019.3.0b4

WORKAROUND: Repen the project and reimport the asset the second time.

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