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When Destination is far away from the NavMesh, the agent does not go to closest spot on Navmesh



To reproduce the issue follow the steps:
1. Open attached "New Unity Project 9 - AI Test" project
2. Open "Untitled" scene
3. Enter play mode
Expected result: Cube goes to spot directly above Sphere
Actual result: Cube does not walk to the spot
Note: If the sphere is moved directly upwards to be closer to NavMesh, the Cube starts walking

Note#2: If the Destination is too far away from the NavMesh, then SetDestination will return false and the agent will not work. To go around this, set the destination to a closer point to NavMesh itself.


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  1. DanjelRicci

    Feb 01, 2018 09:34

    This issue is still alive in Unity 2017.3.0p3. I'm getting mad trying to get a workaround for this since we really need to push some updates. NavMesh.SamplePosition works almost ok, while NavMeshAgent.SetDestination totally fails most of the times and gets a point on seemingly random parts of the NavMesh.

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