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[Vulkan][AMD] Editor crashes with vk_icdNegotiateLoaderICDInterfaceVersion when changing API to Vulkan



How to reproduce:
1. Create new project
2. In Project Settings -> Player, set the Editor's Graphics API to Vulkan by having it at the top of the list
3. Click Apply
Observe crash

Reproduced with: 2018.3.2f1, 2019.1.0a13
Does not reproduce with 2017.4 as API does not change from DirectX to Vulkan

Note: Issue only reproduces with newest AMD drivers Adrenalin 2019 18.12.3 and Adrenalin 2019 18.12.2

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    Resolution Note (fix version 2019.1):

    This is a known issue in the AMD driver version 18.12.3: attempting to create a Vulkan swapchain with <64 pixels in height crashes the driver. AMD has confirmed this to be a bug in their driver, and it will be fixed in upcoming driver releases. As a workaround, check for new AMD GPU driver releases, or downgrade to version before 18.12.3. This only affects Unity Editor, not standalone players, as all editor windows/panels start out as 32x32 in size and then get resized to their proper sizes.

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