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[VR] Multiple cameras with specific target eyes fail to render properly



1. What happened

Attempting to setup three cameras (one for each eye + one for the main display) causes issues in rendering. The image that should only be on the main display flickers into the HMD.

2. How we can reproduce it using the example you attached

1) Ensure the player settings are configured for Oculus, then open the "Start" scene and hit play.

Expected :
The user should see a red cube in the left eye, a green cube in the right, and a blue cube on a black background in the editor.
There should also be world space text visible in the HMD.

actual :

Specific target eyes fail to render properly

Comments (2)

  1. 7ad5482ee9e3279a79cf5610bdabf182?d=mm


    Feb 13, 2017 23:31

    I am also getting this problem.

    In Unity 5.6.0b1 and now in Unity 5.6.0b8, The functionality of creating multiple cameras with different target eyes appears to have been broken since 5.5.

    When attempting to set a target eye to anything other than "both", only one eye in the headset receives a render. It appears this is a symptom of only one camera rendering no matter how many cameras and target eyes exist in the scene.

    Test Setup:
    Set app player settings to "Virtual Reality supported."
    Set "Virtual Reality SDKs" to "Oculus"
    Have Oculus Rift CV1
    Create two Cameras in a scene.
    Set the first camera's "Target Eye" to "Left".
    Set the second Camera's "Target Eye" to "Right."
    Press "Play" button.

    Expected Result:
    User sees images in HMD for left and right eyes respectively.

    Bug Result:
    Users sees an image in the HMD for only one eye. It appears to be the first camera created, so in this case, the right eye image would be black.

  2. Bcc427eed81c15ce4669ba637477b708?d=mm


    Jan 28, 2017 21:08

    I see a similar issue in VR - "StereoDisplay (non-head mounted)" in 5.6.0b5. Just 2 cameras, per eye, but worked in 5.5.1. (just saying not limited to that platform)

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