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VideoPlayer.isPrepared always returns false after calling VideoPlayer.Prepare() when playOnAwake is false with some video files



To reproduce:

1.Download and open attached project.
2.Open "scene1" scene.
3.Open AverageColorFromTexture.cs script.
4.Edit lines 32 and 33 by setting videoPlayer.playOnAwake and audioSource.playOnAwake to false and save the script.
5.In the Hierarchy select "Plane" object and Drag "Games for Windows" video file to Video To Play slot in "Average Color From texture(Script)" component.
6.Enter Play mode.
7.Notice that Console keeps outputting "Preparing Video" message.

Expected result: Video is prepared and is played after a short delay.
Actual result: Video is not prepared and because of that it is not played.

Reproduced with: 5.6.0f1, 2017.0.1a5.

Notes: Does not reproduce on OSX. Does not reproduce with with other video files. With "big_buck_bunny 1" video file everything works as expected. Video is loaded and played.

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