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Video player doesn't play when building on Windows for OSX



Steps to reproduce:
1. Open user attached project on Windows
2. Build for OSX, x86_64 Architecture (Don't build for x86, it is confirmed not to work by design)
3. Load the build on an OSX machine and observe video not playing

Expected result: Video player works no matter what platform you build it from
Actual result: If you build on OSX for OSX - it works, if you build on Windows for OSX, it doesn't

Reproduced on 5.6.0f3, 5.6.1f1, 2017.1.0b4

Notes: No regression test because Video player wasn't part of UnityEngine class below 5.6

Comments (13)

  1. cozyurt_unity

    Jul 17, 2020 13:55

    kedi maması köpek maması

  2. dkathrina323

    Dec 08, 2019 18:53

    This post shares the steps to reproduce the problem 'Video player doesn't play when building on Windows for OSX'. I think we can solve this problem if we follow these steps. Each step is clearly explained. Thanks for the information.

  3. Markusn

    Feb 22, 2018 00:11

    Confirm still an issue with 2017.3.1f1

  4. RoutineAyhan

    Feb 14, 2018 10:47

    Still an issue on 2017.3.1f1 (only on cloud builds (H.264) not locally).

  5. mobfish_cai

    Nov 28, 2017 09:01

    I can confirm that cloud build won't have this issue anymore when build for windows.

    Last time I checked, Cloud Build use macs.

  6. Eric-B

    Nov 20, 2017 00:43

    Still an issue in 2017.2.0f3. When building for Mac on Windows, video playing works if transcoding to VP8, but video playing does not work if using H.264.

  7. cronkie

    Nov 06, 2017 15:38

    I'm having this same issue on Unity 5.6.3f2 although I am experiencing it on Mac OSX standalone building (not cloud) to Windows executable. I've made sure the files are in a universal format that will play on both Mac and PC (H.264) and when I attempt to build my project as H.264 and/or transcode them as H.264 in Unity, I get nothing but a black screen. VP8 is a work around but the quality is so low for VP8 that it's not an option for a shippable product. I'm getting close to ship and am running out of ideas on how to get high quality video files to play back. Help!

  8. konistehrad2

    Aug 11, 2017 23:34

    Correction: this doesn't happen if transcoding is set to VP8. It _does_ happen if transcoding is set to H.264.

  9. konistehrad2

    Aug 11, 2017 23:17

    Tested on 5.6.0f3, 5.6.3f1.

    Presents as described. Interesting side effect: the `format` field in the YAML meta changes from 0 to 1 when the project is simply opened on Windows from MacOS. So the MacOS editor will force this value to 0. The Windows editor will force this value to 1. This does not happen if transcoding is enabled.

  10. developersice

    Aug 02, 2017 11:24

    We have the same issue on Unity 5.6.2f1 - Video plays fine when we build on our pc locally for target Windows 64bit standalone, but cloud build of the same repository does not have the video playing.

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