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Vertex compression is completely disabled on platforms with CompressedGPUSkinningDisabled



1. download project in comment (
2. open project and build player on iOS device
3. run the player on iOS device
4. On XCode, click on camera icon to capture GPU frame
5. Wait for frame debugging to load
6. Navigate to Camera.Render > Drawing > Render.OpaqueGeometry > RenderForwardOpaque.Render > RenderForward.RenderLoopJob > 24 [drawIndexedPrimitives:Triangle indexCount...] > double click on Geometry
7. Observe the skinned mesh's TEXCOORD0 input format

Expected: input format for TEXCOORD0 is half2
Actual: input format for TEXCOORD0 is float2

Reproducible in: 2019.2.0a10

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 2019.2):

    Fixed in 2019.2

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