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Version Control Checkout Failed Window is popped instead of throwing exceptions when the Checkout fails

Version Control


Steps to reproduce:
1. Setup Perforce server with 2 users (UserA and UserB) and 2 Workspaces (WorkspaceA and WorkspaceB)
2. Add the attached project to the WorkspaceA root
3. In the P4V window select Assets/TestFiles contents
4. Right-click on selected files and press Change Filetype
5. Check the 'Exclusive Checkout' checkmark and press OK
6. Open the project in the WorkspaceA root
7. Go to Edit>Project Settings>Version Control
8. Set Mode to Perforce
9. Fill in Server, UserA and WorkspaceA information and press Connect
10. Right-click on the Project window and Submit the changes (do not close the Editor)
11. In P4V switch to UserB and WorkspaceB
12. In the P4V press Get Latest button
13. Open project from the WorkspaceB root
14. Connect it to Perforce in the same way as WorkspaceA (use UserB and WorkspaceB)
15. Mark for Add Assets/TestFiles contents
16. In the project from WorkplaceA press VC-Tests>Just Checkout

Expected result: Exception is thrown in the Console window
Actual result: Version Control Checkout Failed window is opened, but there are no errors/warnings in the Console window

Reproducible with: 2019.4.31f1, 2020.3.21f1, 2021.1.26f1, 2021.2.0b15, 2022.1.0a13

  1. Resolution Note:

    Closing as this is a feature request rather than a bug in existing functionality.

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