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[VCS] Option to do RevertUnchanged on each Submit ("revertunchanged" in p4)

Version Control


In many cases files are checked out without actual changes to them happening.
Perforce and P4V default to "submitunchanged", i.e. everything is submitted, no matter whether changes happened or not.

Maybe we should default to "revertunchanged", or at least have an option for that somewhere.

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    Resolution Note (2020.1.X):

    In my opinion this should be rejected as workspace setting verification is something that you can configure Perforce server to do (if you can find the examples in the wild west of the Perforce docs). On balance I think it's safer to implement this there than either rolling our own workspace settings verification or writing our own revert unchanged on check-in, as there are lots of ways in which we could break expected Perforce behaviours.

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