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[VCS] Empty folders are not reverted correctly after moving and reverting them a second time

Version Control


How to reproduce:
1. Create a new project in your preferred workspace and open it
2. Create two new empty folders
3. Connect the project to Perforce and submit the two folders
4. Move one of the folders into the other
5. Revert the move in the VCS Window and refocus the Editor
6. Repeat the 4th and 5th steps
7. Observe that one of the folders is no longer empty

Expected result: both folders are empty after reverting the folder move
Actual result: one of the folders is empty on revert and the other still has a folder inside of it. Essentially the folder that got moved ended up duplicated.

Reproduced in: 2020.1.0a17, 2020.1.0a7
Not reproducible in: 2020.1.0a6, 2019.3.0f4, 2019.2.16f1, 2018.4.15f1, 2017.4.35f1 (The empty folders would not get re-created and thus you wouldn't be able to move them again)

- the bug does not reproduce if the folders are not empty
- the asserts are caused by a different bug (1188161) although they could be related

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 2020.2):

    Fixed in: 2020.2.0a4

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