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[UWP] Stabilisation Issue On Hololens 2

Package: WindowsMR


1. What happened
We make use of the "Depth Reprojection" stabilisation (not "Automatic Planar Reprojection") in our apps on Hololens 2. This results in solid looking holograms. Upon upgrading to 2018.4.13 from 2018.4.9 we noticed that the stability seemed to be much worse. After lots of testing we've narrowed it down to this version (2018.4.11) which seems to have introduce the problem. In this version when you have your camera set to the default near/far distance (0.3, 100) it is stabilised correctly, but if you change it to another range (e.g 0.01 to 10) the whole content will bounce as you move your head up and down.

2. How we can reproduce it using the example you attached

1. Load the attached project.
2. Build UWP application.
3. Open the generated Visual Studio project.
4. Switch to Release and ARM.
5. Build to Hololens 2 device and run the application.
6. Confirm permissions to use the microphone for voice commands.
7. When the app is running some simple content will be attached to you head. Air tap to lock the content in place.
8. When the content is locked you should see the current near far distances displayed above the content. Should be 0.01 and 10 respectively.
9. If you bounce your head up and down you should see the whole content move up and down in the real world.
10. Now if you say "Far Clip" it should switch the near and far clip to 0.3 and 1000 respecively. You should now see that when you bounce the opaque geometry stays rigidly in place (the UI will move and warp which is expected because there is no depth written for that).
11. You can switch back to the nearer clip settings by saying "Near Clip"

This same project can be run in 2018.4.10 and you'll see the opaque content stays rigid no matter the setup of the near and far distances.

  1. Resolution Note:

    The minimum clipping plane allowed by Microsoft Windows mixed reality is 0.1f. As such, we cannot fix instability caused by using a clipping plane that is lower. We have added a warning when using a clipping plane that is lower and using Windows Mixed Reality.

  2. Resolution Note:

    Added warning when using a near clip plan < 0.1f.

Comments (1)

  1. FracEdd

    Jan 21, 2020 09:52

    0.01 was just an example. Any clipping range which is outside the default results in the same behaviour.

    Even if it was only occurring with a near clip of 0.01, the fact that it works perfectly fine in 2018.4.10 shows that it's a regression. Isn't the idea behind LTS that it's not supposed to break anything?

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