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[URP] Custom Renderer Feature is not being serialized

Package: Scriptable Render Pipeline Universal


1. Download attached zip (
2. Delete Library folder and open project

3. On ProjectView select "URPAsset_default"
-> observe that Renderer Features list contains NewRenderObjects

4. On ProjectView select "URPAsset_myRen"
-> observe that Renderer Features list writes None <------the bug
5. Assign FlipBlit into this empty slot
6. Save project
7. Repeat step 1-4.

Expected: Both default and custom renderer feature are not None after delete library + reopen project.

Reproducible: 2019.3.0b10 + URP 7.1.2

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    Resolution Note (fix version 9.0.0-preview.1):

    Issue was fixed by keeping tack of internal file IDs of SubAssets, so upon loss they can be reconnected if due to compilation error or order

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