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UnwrapCL.exe crashes when checking Generate Lightmap UVs checkbox and clicking apply

1. Open new project
2. Import the object user has attached ("case_849882-199_VR_EXPORT_00_EG.obj ")
3. Check Generate Lightmap UVs in Import Settings
4. Click apply

Expected results:
Changes applied

Actual result:
UnwrapCL.exe crashes after 10-20 min

Only happens with attached object.

Reproduced on 5.3.3f1, 5.4.2f2, 5.4.3f1

Comments (2)

  1. aeldron

    Feb 25, 2018 21:38

    Issue still happening on 2017.3.1f1

  2. tomekkie2

    Jan 11, 2017 08:32

    I was just getting this 5.4.3.p4.
    Then I have changed the Tangents import settings from
    Calculate Legacy - Split Tangents to Calculate Tangent Space
    end the error has gone.

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