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Unity purchasing gives error on project upgrade due to failing to find UnityEngine.UI assembly



Steps to reproduce:

The easiest way to reproduce this error is to do an upgrade from one version to another, so, to reproduce
1. Open attached project in 2019.3.0b7 (you might get error at this point too)
2. Close and reopen it with 2019.3.0b8 or later
3. Notice error in console:
Error: Could not load signature of UnityEngine.Purchasing.UIFakeStore:GetOkayButton due to: Could not load file or assembly 'UnityEngine.UI, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' or one of its dependencies. assembly:UnityEngine.UI, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null type:<unknown type> member:(null) signature:<none>
also, inspecting Editor.log you can find that this error is followed by
Unloading broken assembly Assets/Plugins/UnityPurchasing/Bin/Stores.dll, this assembly can cause crashes in the runtime
(Filename: C:\buildslave\unity\build\Runtime/Mono/MonoManager.cpp Line: 1180)

Note: It is possible to clear the console log error and continue working, since the error is transitional (during project upgrade). Any future opening of the project will not yield any error or warning.

Reproduced with: 2019.2.9f1, 2019.3.0b8, 2020.1.0a9
Not reproducible: 2018.4.12f1

Comments (4)

  1. 26cee5a0c17a97aac8e38e9da93c8ca3?d=mm


    Mar 25, 2020 04:11

    Interestingly enough, doing this - TDarby's suggestion helped me out with a lot of other issues, like Gradle out of date errors, AndroidX / version R errors... I was going round and round trying to fix things just to get it to build, and the root error was the silly FakeStore:GetButton error. Once I fixed that, everything built properly, and I was able to deploy my game to the Playstore.

    So, thank you!!!!

    Unity 2019.2.11f.

  2. 64e9e58a9e76368c0d5d4612de7fd549?d=mm


    Mar 12, 2020 16:27

    I had same error after update my unity version from 2019.2.15 to 2019.3.2
    The solution in my case was to comment this line in my IAP manager script
    "builder.Configure<IMicrosoftConfiguration>().useMockBillingSystem = false;"
    I also comment "using UnityEngine.UI;" in that script.

  3. 8014521ad1502df88ca438c94d683ce3?d=mm


    Dec 14, 2019 17:16

    I encountered this issue with 2019.2.15f1. I was able to work around this issue with the following steps:

    1. Removed In App Purchasing package (from Window -> Package Manager)
    2. Deleted Plugins/UnityPurchasing from my project (from Project viewer)
    3. Quit and relaunched Unity
    4. Reinstalled In App Purchasing (from Window -> Package Manager)
    5. Imported In-App Purchasing (from Window -> General -> Services, In-App Purchasing)
    6. Quit and relaunched Unity
    7. (important!) Commented out all lines of IAP code that generate errors (advice from
    8. Followed all default prompts from Unity IAP installer
    9. Quit and relaunched Unity
    10. Restored commented lines from step 7

    Hope this helps!

  4. B035314806e9ba33d5eee63fc284545c?d=mm


    Nov 25, 2019 13:49

    I faced with this in 2019.2.13f

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