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Unity crashes on loading this project when using Intel HD Graphics GPU

Graphics - General


update: doesn't reproduce since 2017.3.0f1

Reproduces on 5.3.3p2 and 5.4.0b8 on Windows 7 64b

This project crashes on loading only when using Intel HD Graphics GPU
1 Try to open attached project in Editor
Actual result: Editor crashes

-please see comments
(seems this project uses openGL)

Comments (2)

  1. 7737d78a2f84a0d2df5b2a3b62d6cfd1?d=mm


    Jun 01, 2019 05:03

    How do i fix the Bluetooth audio device connect on window10 then you are choose the new option are there more user are apply the more time and you are connect the easily.

  2. E5f89011a93e7ad0ed9b5049f92917b4?d=mm


    Apr 18, 2016 04:43

    Also have this issue; I use a Windows 10/Ubuntu Wily Werewolf dual-boot, and despite failing to even start with OpenGL mode on windows, same machine running linux can use the experimental Linux editor...

    I'm guessing the real issue though is Intel's usual incompetence when it comes down to OpenGL drivers, I can't even run Minecraft anymore (without it crashing half-way through, that is) on the windows partition!

    Whether this is Unity-fixable or intel's side remains to be seen. let's hope unity can fix it...

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