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Unity crashes at RaycastCommandJob when going from 30000 to 40000 batched raycasts per frame



To reproduce:
1. Make sure you have installed Unity that supports experimental ECS and C# jobs system
2. Open user's attached project
3. Open "BatchedRaycasts" scene
4. Enter play mode
5. Hit "Toogle Test Mode" button few times (till Unity crashes)

Expected result: Cycling between a different number of batched raycasts shouldn't crash the Editor.
Actual result: Editor crashes when going from 30000 to 40000 of batched raycasts.

Reproduced with:
Version 2018.1.0b6 (89b72894c1ef)
Sat, 10 Feb 2018 21:45:46 GMT
Branch: 2018.1/scripting/jobsystem/playground

Fixed in: Unity 2018.2.0a4
Backported to: 2018.1.0b11

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