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Undo/redo text in menu is incorrect when creating an object and adding component

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To reproduce:
1. Open attached project
2. Press Test > Undo Name Bug. It creates a gameobject, registers it's undo and executes "Undo.AddComponent".
3. Go to Edit. The undo should show "Undo Create Test Object", but it shows "Undo AddComponent"
4. Press Undo - it removes the object, not the component like the name would suggest
5. Redo shows "Redo Delete" - neither the "Create Test Object" nor "AddComponent"

The undo name change seems to be caused by the "Undo.AddComponent", but the "Redo Delete" occurs even when the "Undo.AddComponent" is commented.

Does not reproduce with 4.2.2f1

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