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Undo.RecordObject creates an undo entry, but no changes are recorded to file when saving project until undo/redo is made

Asset Import Pipeline


To reproduce:
1) Open the attached project and scene
2) Open ScriptableObjects/MyScriptableObject.asset in Notepad++ or a similar app (key requirement: Be able to observe when changes are made to the file)
3) Select Tester in Hierarchy
4) Click Add Random Name in Inspector
5) Click File -> Save Project in top menu bar

Actual: There are no changes to MyScriptableObject.asset

6) Click Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y to undo the name addition and redo it back
7) Save the project again

Expected: Now the asset saves the change

Reproduced in 2019.1.0b1, 2020.1.0a4

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    Resolution Note:

    It's an issue with user project. Scriptable object is modified by user script, but it doesn't mark the asset as dirty, thus Saving Project doesn't save the asset. Undo/Redo simply marks the asset dirty, it has nothing to do with saving. Marking asset dirty whenever the button is pressed should fix the problem

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