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Unable to drag select nodes if they are in a container

Package: Visual Scripting Bugs


The way to selecting multiple nodes changes when nodes are inside a container. If nodes are in a container you need to use a modifier key, (shift + drag) to select multiple nodes.

Once you have nodes selected you cannot move them without moving the container. This is a painful UX experience. 

Expected: Drag select functionality should not unexpectedly change.  If you want to move the container and the nodes inside you should click the containers header or introduce a modifier to select the container.

Steps to reproduce
* Create a Bolt class and attach it as a component to a game object
* Create a flow graph
* Add a number of nodes
* Ctrl + Drag select around the nodes to create a container
* Drag select a few of your nodes

Notice issue >> You can no longer drag-select nodes. You need to hold shift +. drag-select.
* Try to move the nodes you drag selected

Notice issue >> When trying to move the selected nodes you move the whole container

Tested: commit 8c46e12702f55c891f07a3e5f64b866b19bb293b

Unity 2020.1.f1, macOS

  1. Resolution Note:

    Bolt 2 will not be released as its own product. See for details.

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