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Type or namespace name UIDocument could not be found when opening the project

Package: UI Toolkit


Reproduction steps:
1. Open the attached project ""
2. Observe the console

Expected result: No errors upon opening the project
Actual result: Error occurs when the project is opened

Reproducible with: 1.0.0-preview.17, 1.0.0-preview.18 (2020.3.35f1)
Not reproducible with: 1.0.0-preview.18 (2021.1.13f1, 2021.1.28f1), Built-in (2021.3.3f1, 2022.1.1f1, 2022.2.0a13)
Couldn't test: 2019.4.37f1 (no UI Toolkit version available), 1.0.0-preview.18 (2021.1.12f1 (project breaks))

Error CS0246: The type or namespace name 'UIDocument' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 1.0.0-preview.18):

    Fixed in: 1.0.0-preview.18 (2021.1.13f1)

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